Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover

Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover

USD $19.99 Archie Superstars [Writer] Published by-Archie Comic Publications

About the Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover

This ENCYCLOPEDIA of Archie Comics characters and universes is the be-all, end-all guide to everything in the expanded and ever-growing World of Archie Comics! Sure, you may know who Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie are, and maybe you even know a thing or two about Dilton, Ethel, Cheryl, and Moose! But that's still only just scratching the surface of the vast library of Archie Comics characters! An ideal collector's item for mega-fans as well as the perfect jumping-on point for any fans that are new to Archie Comics, get set for an expansive tour of Riverdale and beyond with The Archie Encyclopedia!

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The price of "Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $19.99.

"Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover" is associated with the Archie brand.

The publisher of "Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover" is Archie Comic Publications.

The genre of "Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover" is Art and Reference Books.

"Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover" falls under the category of Books.

The writer of "Archie Encyclopedia Soft Cover" is Archie Superstars.