• BCW Magazine & Document Bin
BCW Magazine & Document Bin

BCW Magazine & Document Bin

USD $ 55.99

The BCW Magazine Bin is a heavy duty storage box made from acid-free, reinforced, snap-together panels. The Magazine Bin holds bagged and boarded magazines, document toploaders, magazine toploaders (both 5mm and 7mm thicknesses). Golden age comic books (in bags and boards and toploaders) fit in the Magazine Bin. Also includes a movable partition that helps stand up your growing stack of papers. Identification slots on the ends help you mark your boxes with either an index card or a toploading card holder. The lid panels feature sliding locks for added security.

BCW Magazine & Document Bin

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does "BCW Magazine & Document Bin" cost at ?

The price of "BCW Magazine & Document Bin" at is USD $55.99.

What brand is "BCW Magazine & Document Bin" associated with?

"BCW Magazine & Document Bin" is associated with the BCW Supplies brand.

What category does "BCW Magazine & Document Bin" fall under?

"BCW Magazine & Document Bin" falls under the category of Comic Supplies.