Plop #1 Cgc 6.0

Plop #1 Cgc 6.0

USD $60.00 Sergio Aragonés [Writer] Frank Robbins [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Plop #1 Cgc 6.0

Front and back cover art by Basil Wolverton and Sergio Aragonés (marginals). "The Escape!", script and art by Sergio Aragonés; A whimsical look at dungeon life by Sergio Aragonés. Plops cartoons, art by Robert Johnson, Pat Anderson, Goddard Sherman, and Cork. "A Plop Is Born" article; The origin of Plop! "Kongzilla!", script by Frank Robbins, art by George Evans; What is this drooling, slurping, YEECHY thing emerging from the primeval slime and muck?; You guessed it--it's KONGZILLA! "The Message," script by Sheldon Mayer, art by Alfredo Alcala; A ghost reports back to his friends in the graveyard what the score of the ballgame was. "The Gourmet," script by Steve Skeates, art by Berni Wrightson; Bernie Wrightson drew this tale about a man who would pay any price for a meal of frogs' legs.

Faq's on Plop #1 Cgc 6.0

The price of "Plop #1 Cgc 6.0" at Downtown Comics on Market Street is USD $60.00.

"Plop #1 Cgc 6.0" is associated with the Groo brand.

The publisher of "Plop #1 Cgc 6.0" is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Plop #1 Cgc 6.0" is Humor.

"Plop #1 Cgc 6.0" falls under the category of Graded Comics.

The artists of "Plop #1 Cgc 6.0" are Bernie Wrightson, Alfredo Alcala, and Sergio Aragonés. The cover artists are Basil Wolverton, and Sergio Aragonés.

The writers of "Plop #1 Cgc 6.0" are Sergio Aragonés, and Frank Robbins.