Festival Hardcover

USD $19.99 Christopher Golden [Writer] Published by-Dark Horse Comics

About the Festival Hardcover

The Valhalla music festival commemorates a long-ago Viking slaughter, but when strange things start to happen, it seems the massacre may be far from over. When festival-goers begin to disappear, and musicians find themselves playing mysterious and ancient songs as if possessed, the fans have to figure out what's going on before the festival site's haunting past comes back for blood. New York Times bestselling horror writers Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon create a music festival to die for in this illustrated novel with artwork by Peter Bergting! o New prose horror from two New York Times bestselling writers!

Faq's on Festival Hardcover

The price of "Festival Hardcover" at DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games is USD $19.99.

The publisher of "Festival Hardcover" is Dark Horse Comics.

The genre of "Festival Hardcover" is Horror.

"Festival Hardcover" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Festival Hardcover" is Peter Bergting. The cover artist is Peter Bergting.

The writer of "Festival Hardcover" is Christopher Golden.