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Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)

Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)

USD $12.95

Middle school is hard enough without problems like these...Toshihiko Ota is mocked by his peers for his smooth, hairless body, but his life changes forever when he meets a young woman in swim club with the opposite problem: Ayako Goto, poised for swim-meet glory but too ashamed of her body hair to compete. After Ota happens on her trying unsuccessfully to shave in the locker room, she comes to him with an astonishing request...!Can they help each other find the confidence to embrace their own bodies?This sweet yet erotic early work from psychosexual auteur Shuzo Oshimi (Blood on the Tracks, Flowers of Evil) is not your average tale of puppy love. A quiet story of budding sexuality, self-exploration, trust, and friendship, Sweet Poolside is ultimately one of Oshimi’s most focused and sincere works, as well as the basis for the live-action movie of the same name.

Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)

FAQs on Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)

How much does "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" cost at Fantom Comics?

The price of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" at Fantom Comics is USD $12.95.

What brand is "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" associated with?

"Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" is associated with the Manga brand.

Who is the publisher of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)"?

The publisher of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" is Vertical Inc.

What is the genre of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)"?

The genre of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" is Drama.

What category does "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" fall under?

"Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" falls under the category of Manga.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)"?

The artist of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" is Shuzo Oshimi. The cover artist is Shuzo Oshimi.

Who is the writer of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)"?

The writer of "Sweet Poolside Manga (Mature)" is Shuzo Oshimi.