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Turner Family Stories

Turner Family Stories

USD $16.00

Turner Family Stories presents two of Daisy's accounts of the life of her father, Alec Turner, by Marek Bennett and Joel Christian Gill, and two stories from Daisy's own life by Francis Bordeleau and Lilllie Harris. The comics are linked together through a story by Grafton native Ezra Veitch, based on a childhood encounter he and a friend had with Daisy one afternoon. Center for Cartoon Studies graduate Robyn Smith drew the volume's cover. The book also features a Foreword by Gretchen Gerzina, Introduction by Julian Chambliss and a Preface by Jane Beck.

Turner Family Stories

FAQs on Turner Family Stories

How much does "Turner Family Stories " cost at Fantom Comics?

The price of "Turner Family Stories " at Fantom Comics is USD $16.00.

What is the genre of "Turner Family Stories "?

The genre of "Turner Family Stories " is History.

What category does "Turner Family Stories " fall under?

"Turner Family Stories " falls under the category of Graphic Novels.