Brokenland Volume 1

Brokenland Volume 1

USD $19.99 Drew Morrison [Writer]

About the Brokenland Volume 1

Limited to 300

Because we could all use a little yearning, hope and optimism in the miasmic horror of everyday life, city-dweller or not. It takes courage to be tender right now, and skill to balance that tenderness with a dose of reality. BROKENLAND achieves this fine balance with a ton of imagination, visual interest, and sequential flair. Meeso is the delicate little trash child who lives in all of us, and we must defend them with our lives. - Christa Harader
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Faq's on Brokenland Volume 1

The price of "Brokenland Volume 1" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $19.99.

The genres of "Brokenland Volume 1" are Humor, and Surreal.

"Brokenland Volume 1" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Brokenland Volume 1" is Drew Morrison. The cover artist is Drew Morrison.

The writer of "Brokenland Volume 1" is Drew Morrison.