USD $16.00 Published by-Rotopol Press

About the Strannik

"Right next to our school was a prison and on the other side was a cemetery. Our teacher used to say that if we didn't behave and work hard. we would end up in one of those places."

In Russian, the word "strannik" means wanderer. This documentary short comic tells the story of a homeless boxer who spends his life on the streets of Moscow. Once, he loved a girl, once he had dreams for the future. He's too old for his sport, but it's the only thing life offers him.

Faq's on Strannik

The price of "Strannik" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $16.00.

The publisher of "Strannik" is Rotopol Press.

The genre of "Strannik" is Reality Based.

"Strannik" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.