All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982.

All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982.

NZD $9.95

In January 1942, in Manhattan, Firebrand, Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, Robotman, and Commander Steel are on their way to JSA HQ, having just 10 minutes earlier encountered, and inconclusively skirmished with, Nuclear the Magnetic Marauder. Belle has the key that was left with her by Hawkman, and they enter the meeting rooms, where they are very surprised to encounter Wonder Woman, bruised and exhausted and barely able to stand. She swoons, and Johnny Quick catches her. Diana quickly recovers, and tells the team about her recent losing battle against the same super-villain that they'd just met, and asks the All-Star Squadron for their help in fighting him, and in freeing Steve Trevor, whom Nuclear has kidnapped. Based on an ill-timed remark, Diana decides that the All-Stars aren't taking her seriously, loses her temper, and throws Johnny Quick across the room before leaping out a window, onto a neighboring rooftop, to seek out Nuclear. Greatly exasperated, all five All-Stars give immediate pursuit. Robotman gets tossed aside by the infuriated Amazon, but Commander Steel manages to get in front of her, wearing the same colors that she has so proudly adopted, and she doesn't plow right through him but instead snaps out of her fugue state, and regains her composure, and she tells them where she's been.

All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982.

FAQs on All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982.

How much does "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." cost at Heroes for Sale?

The price of "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." at Heroes for Sale is NZD $9.95.

What brand is "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." associated with?

"All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." is associated with the DC Universe brand.

Who is the publisher of "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982."?

The publisher of "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." is DC Entertainment.

What is the genre of "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982."?

The genre of "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." is Superheroes.

What category does "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." fall under?

"All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." falls under the category of Back Issues (Rare).

Who is the writer of "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982."?

The writer of "All-Star Squadron #16 December, 1982." is Roy Thomas.