Omega Men #11 February, 1984.

Omega Men #11 February, 1984.

NZD $9.95 Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Omega Men #11 February, 1984.

The Omega Men bring Harpis to the world of Rashashoon. Harpis has suffered a sever nervous breakdown due to her injuries as well as learning that her sister Demonia had been killed. Prior to becoming the winged warrior, Harpis spent a great deal of her youth working at a bordello in the city of Raggashoon. The bordello's mistress Mama Madame greets the Omega Men and Harpis is hooked up to a neural stabilizer. Mama Madame uses a process known as a Psycho-Drama in an effort to heal Harpis' psychological scars. The Omega Men witness the visual display and learn a great deal about their teammate's past.

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The publisher of "Omega Men #11 February, 1984." is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Omega Men #11 February, 1984." is Superheroes.

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The artist of "Omega Men #11 February, 1984." is Tod Smith.