Omega Men #14 May, 1984.

Omega Men #14 May, 1984.

NZD $12.95 Todd Klein [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Omega Men #14 May, 1984.

On the Omega Men mothership, Tigorr engages in drink and revelry with his crew mates. He regales them with tales of bravery and heroism. After taking a respite from his audience, Tigorr is shocked to find team leader Primus, drunkenly seated at the back of the lounge. Primus begins mewling about his lost wife Kalista, and his ineffectiveness as a hero. He also confesses to Tigorr that his psionic powers have not been operating at full capacity ever since the Gordanian attack on Changralyn that cost him his eye

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The price of "Omega Men #14 May, 1984." at Heroes for Sale is NZD $12.95.

"Omega Men #14 May, 1984." is associated with the DC Universe brand.

The publisher of "Omega Men #14 May, 1984." is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Omega Men #14 May, 1984." is Superheroes.

"Omega Men #14 May, 1984." falls under the category of Back Issues (Rare).

The artist of "Omega Men #14 May, 1984." is Tod Smith.

The writer of "Omega Men #14 May, 1984." is Todd Klein.