All-Star Squadron #2 October, 1981.

All-Star Squadron #2 October, 1981.

NZD $9.95 Roy Thomas [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

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On December 7, 1941, continued: The All-Stars run (with Robotman carrying most of them, in a Plastic Man howdah) from Washington to Norfolk Naval Air Station, at about 50 mph, with no interstate highways, so that has to take at least 4 hours. Also Hawkman stops by the Smithsonian to borrow a very hefty morningstar-type mace, which despite being a museum piece is in usable condition. They stop in Williamsburg to break up a heist by tommygun-wielding hoodlums in suits. Then on their coast-to-coast flight, they swap origin stories and secret identities, while flying to California in an anachronistic B-29 Superfortress, (described as "unarmed" but there are visible gun turrets on it), to defend the west coast against a possible Japanese follow-up attack. Given that a real-world B-29's top speed was 350 mph, that would be a 9-hour flight from Norfolk to San Francisco, so all together that's 13 hours from the White House to now, minus three for the time zones: it's still December 8 when they get to California. Hawkman and Liberty Belle are apparently both qualified multi-engine bomber pilots, and Belle is just now today experiencing the super-adrenal strength and speed that she'd never had before. And recall, she'd just called up Tom Revere "on a hunch" at the meeting with FDR.

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