All-Star Squadron #6 February, 1982.

All-Star Squadron #6 February, 1982.

NZD $9.95 Roy Thomas [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

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On December 10, 1941: In the shadow of the Lost Pyramid of Kukulkan, Hawkman and the Shining Knight rescue Shiera Sanders from sacrificial execution at the hands of the Feathered Serpent. Moments later they are joined by Hawkgirl, and fighting several dozen savage Mayans and well-armed Germans. During the melee, and just at the prescribed sacrificial moment, General Saukel gets knocked across the altar, and with some quick knifework, Kukulkan has performed the pagan rites necessary to take supernatural control of Mexico's ethnic groups of pureblooded Mayans, Toltecs, Olmecs, and Aztecs. Very soon, everywhere in Mexico, thousands of people of Aztec and Mayan lineage begin creating violent chaos. In the streets of Mexico City, these mobs are armed with modern weapons by their Nazi sponsors. Many Mestizo people are strangled or shot by their more racially pure neighbors.

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"All-Star Squadron #6 February, 1982." is associated with the DC Universe brand.

The publisher of "All-Star Squadron #6 February, 1982." is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "All-Star Squadron #6 February, 1982." is Superheroes.

"All-Star Squadron #6 February, 1982." falls under the category of Back Issues (Rare).

The artist of "All-Star Squadron #6 February, 1982." is Jerry Ordway.

The writer of "All-Star Squadron #6 February, 1982." is Roy Thomas.