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Alien #4

Alien #4

USD $4.99

THE PERFECT ORGANISM MEETS ITS MATCH?! When Xenomorphs crash-landed on moon LV-695, they did what they do best: SLAUGHTER. And…transformed. The native kaiju of this icy rock thought themselves apex predators, but they were no match for Xenomorph fury. Now a hybrid creature has emerged…is this the evolutionary twist that ends Xenomorphs? And will any humans live to tell the tale? Jun Yutani springs his final trap!

Alien #4

FAQs on Alien #4

How much does "Alien #4" cost at Horizon Comics and Collectibles?

The price of "Alien #4" at Horizon Comics and Collectibles is USD $4.99.

What brand is "Alien #4" associated with?

"Alien #4" is associated with the Aliens brand.

Who is the publisher of "Alien #4"?

The publisher of "Alien #4" is Marvel Comics.

What is the genre of "Alien #4"?

The genre of "Alien #4" is Science Fiction.

What category does "Alien #4" fall under?

"Alien #4" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Alien #4"?

The artist of "Alien #4" is Declan Shalvey. The cover artist is Javi Fernandez.

Who is the writer of "Alien #4"?

The writer of "Alien #4" is Declan Shalvey.