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G.O.D.S. #5

G.O.D.S. #5

USD $4.99

The clinic has a wall covered in words. They are written in the blood of men, but no one can read them. Mia gets her first apartment. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. Rated T+

G.O.D.S. #5

FAQs on G.O.D.S. #5

How much does "G.O.D.S. #5" cost at Horizon Comics and Collectibles?

The price of "G.O.D.S. #5" at Horizon Comics and Collectibles is USD $4.99.

Who is the publisher of "G.O.D.S. #5"?

The publisher of "G.O.D.S. #5" is Marvel Comics.

What category does "G.O.D.S. #5" fall under?

"G.O.D.S. #5" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "G.O.D.S. #5"?

The artist of "G.O.D.S. #5" is Valerio Schiti. The cover artist is Mateus Manhanini.

Who is the writer of "G.O.D.S. #5"?

The writer of "G.O.D.S. #5" is Jonathan Hickman.