Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel

Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel

USD $16.99 Preeti Chhibber [Writer] Published by-Disney

About the Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel

Spider-Man’s Bad Connection is the second novel, after the acclaimed Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma, in a new series chronicling teenager Peter Parker's first adventures as Spider-Man.Peter Parker is still learning the ropes—er, webs?—as  Spider-Man, and he has a new partner in crime-fighting in his new girlfriend MJ. But having someone who knows his secret makes this high school romance more complicated, not less—especially when a mysterious social media account starts alerting Peter to crimes before they happen. But is it just a smokescreen for a new villain, pulling Spider-Man's strings—er, webs?And when the mysterious Spot gets involved, with powers that can turn ordinary reality into swiss cheese, Peter's realizing that surviving high school might be the simplest of his many problems. Preeti Chhibber’s incomparable voice balances wit and charm with teenage earnestness and vulnerability, giving us an up-to-the-minute take on teen Peter Parker and making him an amazingly relatable Spider-Man.

Faq's on Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel

The price of "Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel" at Memory Lane Comics is USD $16.99.

"Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel" is associated with the Marvel Heroes, and Spider-Man brands.

The publisher of "Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel" is Disney.

The genres of "Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel" are Humor, Kids, and Superheroes.

"Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel" falls under the category of Hardcover Books.

The artist of "Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel" is Preeti Chhibber. The cover artist is Preeti Chhibber.

The writer of "Spider-Man's Bad Connection Novel" is Preeti Chhibber.