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Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter

Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter

USD $25.00

Dynamite's Mask Neck Gaiters can be worn in a number of ways to show off your favorite characters and to cover your face from the elements. These high-quality, seamless neck gaiters can act as a face mask to cover your nose and mouth, as a headband/hairband, cooling wrap, helmet liner, or a dust mask. The tight weave, breathable microfiber protects from sun, wind, and dust with year-round wear-ability. It can also act as a cooling wrap by wetting to provide maximum evaporative cooling. They are machine washable and made of 100% seamless polyester microfiber. 25 x 50 cm (diameter x length).

Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter

FAQs on Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter

How much does "Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter" cost at New Dimension Comics - Butler?

The price of "Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter" at New Dimension Comics - Butler is USD $25.00.

Who is the publisher of "Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter"?

The publisher of "Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter" is Dynamite Entertainment.

What category does "Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter" fall under?

"Dynamite Purgatori (B) Neck Gaiter" falls under the category of Apparel.