Ghostbusters Official Cookbook Hardcover

Ghostbusters Official Cookbook Hardcover

USD $29.99 Georgia Dunn [Writer] Published by-Insight Editions

About the Ghostbusters Official Cookbook Hardcover

Who you gonna call… to eat?! Featuring more than 50 recipes inspired by the beloved Ghostbusters 1984 film and continuing into present day with Ghostbusters: Afterlife, this cookbook celebrates the bold personalities of Egon, Venkman, Zeddemore, and Stantz, along with the spooks, spectres, and ghosts that tried to transform New York City to a Babylonian dystopia. But they're not alone - they've got company with a new generation of Ghostbusters like Phoebe, Trevor, Podcast, and Lucky that saved Summerville, Oklahoma from the second coming of Gozer! In fact, it's Podcast's, well, podcast that inspires this book! Now he and Ray are combing through the Ghostbusters archives and recording new episodes to bring the group's favorite new and old foods to delicious life.

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The price of "Ghostbusters Official Cookbook Hardcover" at New Dimension Comics - Cranberry TWP is USD $29.99.

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