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Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener

Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener

USD $18.00

A Diamond Select Release! When we get thirsty, we pop open a bottle cap, but when the Devourer of Worlds gets thirsty, he pops a polar ice cap! The Art Asylum designers have taken the iconic head of the world-eating Galactus and turned it into a solid metal bottle opener! Measuring 4 inches tall with fridge-mountable magnets on the back, this item is a must-have for Fantastic Four fans and thirsty Marvelites everywhere!

Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener

FAQs on Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener

How much does "Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener" cost at New Dimension Comics - Cranberry TWP?

The price of "Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener" at New Dimension Comics - Cranberry TWP is USD $18.00.

What brand is "Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener" associated with?

"Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener" is associated with the Marvel Heroes brand.

What is the genre of "Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener"?

The genre of "Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener" is Superheroes.

What category does "Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener" fall under?

"Marvel Galactus Bottle Opener" falls under the category of Novelties .