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Venom #33

Venom #33

USD $3.99

A BLOOD HUNT TIE-IN! As the earth is smothered in eternal night, VENOM unleashes their lethal justice on the hordes of bloodsucking vampires threatening the innocents of New York City. But there's one vampiric foe that thirsts not for blood - but for SYMBIOTES! Vampires aren't the only threat - the dead now rise! LEE PRICE, one-time host to the Venom symbiote, has been ripped from his grave. And he's got a bone…or a brain to pick…with his old partner! Rated T+

Venom #33

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FAQs on Venom #33

How much does "Venom #33" cost at The Comic Book Shop! of Wilmington, DE?

The price of "Venom #33" at The Comic Book Shop! of Wilmington, DE is USD $3.99.

What brands are Venom #33 associated with?

"Venom #33" is associated with the Spider-Man, and Venom brands.

Who is the publisher of "Venom #33"?

The publisher of "Venom #33" is Marvel Comics.

What is the genre of "Venom #33"?

The genre of "Venom #33" is Superheroes.

What category does "Venom #33" fall under?

"Venom #33" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Venom #33"?

The artist of "Venom #33" is Juan Ferreyra. The cover artist is Cafu.

Who is the writer of "Venom #33"?

The writer of "Venom #33" is Al Ewing.