The Comic Book Lover's Comic Shop!™

Up Up & Away!'s original westside location, our focus is on comic books! Featuring one of the area's most extensive selection of back issues, going all the way back to 1919. Our Blue Ash location might have the spectacle unlike any other comic shop, but our Cheviot location has a charm all its own.

Faq's on Up Up & Away! Cincinnati (Cheviot)

Up Up & Away! Cincinnati (Cheviot) is currently located at 4016 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45211

Absolutely! We provide a family-friendly environment for all our customers, and we take pride in offering a diverse selection of comics and merchandise that caters to all ages.

You can visit our store at Up Up & Away! Cincinnati (Cheviot), or you can contact us through our website at https://stores.comichub.com/up_up_away_cheviot or via email at Cheviot@upupandawaycomics.com.