GI Joe Portfolio

GI Joe Portfolio

EUR €39.99

The legendary packaging artwork from G.I. Joe! Each print has been scanned from the original packaging artwork held within the Hasbro vault. Contents include ten 11' x 17' prints featuring classic packaging art from the original G.I. Joe toyline! Contents include 10 prints.

GI Joe Portfolio

FAQs on GI Joe Portfolio

How much does "GI Joe Portfolio" cost at Big Bang Comics?

The price of "GI Joe Portfolio" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €39.99.

What brand is "GI Joe Portfolio" associated with?

"GI Joe Portfolio" is associated with the GI Joe brand.

Who is the publisher of "GI Joe Portfolio"?

The publisher of "GI Joe Portfolio" is IDW Publishing.

What is the genre of "GI Joe Portfolio"?

The genre of "GI Joe Portfolio" is Action Adventure.

What category does "GI Joe Portfolio" fall under?

"GI Joe Portfolio" falls under the category of Novelties .