Homebody Graphic Novel

Homebody Graphic Novel

EUR €18.99 Theo Parish [Writer] Published by-Harper Alley

About the Homebody Graphic Novel

In their comics debut, Theo Parish masterfully weaves an intimate and defiantly hopeful memoir about the journey one nonbinary person takes to find a home within themself. Combining traditional comics with organic journal-like interludes, Theo takes us through their experiences with the hundred arbitrary and unspoken gender binary rules of high school, from harrowing haircuts and finally the right haircut, to the intersection of gender identity and sexuality-and through tiny everyday moments that all led up to Theo finding the term 'nonbinary,' which finally struck a chord.

Faq's on Homebody Graphic Novel

The price of "Homebody Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €18.99.

The publisher of "Homebody Graphic Novel" is Harper Alley.

The genre of "Homebody Graphic Novel" is Reality Based.

"Homebody Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Homebody Graphic Novel" is Theo Parish. The cover artist is Frank Frazetta.

The writer of "Homebody Graphic Novel" is Theo Parish.