Occulted Graphic Novel

Occulted Graphic Novel

EUR €15.00 Amy Rose [Writer] Published by-Iron Circus Comics

About the Occulted Graphic Novel

When the Hale-Bopp soared across the sky in 1997, Amy Rose thought it was the start of an amazing new future. Instead, it brought news of a horrible tragedy at the Heaven's Gate compound just down the road. Amy had always known there was something off about the community she grew up in. She had been forbidden from going to school, or visiting the library because the leader told her that there was no use learning about a world that was about to end. But it was not until the news of the deaths at Heaven's Gate invaded the temple walls that she heard a new word that explained everything: cult. She must risk everything to indulge in secret trips to an abandoned, off-limits library that teaches her everything she was not meant to know. That Gandhi was not a space alien. That Star Trek wasn't real. That her community was built on a lie. And most importantly, the banned books give her all the information that she needs to escape.

Faq's on Occulted Graphic Novel

The price of "Occulted Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €15.00.

The publisher of "Occulted Graphic Novel" is Iron Circus Comics.

The genres of "Occulted Graphic Novel" are Reality Based, and Young Adult.

"Occulted Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Occulted Graphic Novel" is Jeongmin Lee.

The writer of "Occulted Graphic Novel" is Amy Rose.