Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel

Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel

EUR €9.99 Yehudi Mercado [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel

Super-heroics are dangerous, but joining the football team is an even bigger problem! Billy Batson’s never been a team player, and becoming the superhero Shazam didn’t seem to change that much. But his new strength and stamina will make football a breeze. After skipping school one too many times, Billy is offered a choice: football or detention. The Fawcett Tigers need a new champion—their last quarterback ended up in the hospital, and the coach is pretty sure rival team the Fishtown Atoms are to blame.  Between football practice and superhero training, Billy’s muscles are getting bigger, but so is his ego. Will foster dad Victor’s wise counsel and memories of his own football triumphs help keep young Shazam grounded? Shazam! Thundercrack is set within the movie timeline—showing Freddy’s vlog filled with superhero training montages, family pranks, and the new gig he took to monitor Billy’s football practices (the cheerleading squad really needed a new mascot!).   

Faq's on Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel

The price of "Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €9.99.

"Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel" is associated with the Shazam brand.

The publisher of "Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel" is DC Entertainment.

The genres of "Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel" are Kids, and Superheroes.

"Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel" is Yehudi Mercado. The cover artist is Yehudi Mercado.

The writer of "Shazam Thundercrack Graphic Novel" is Yehudi Mercado.