Forest Hardcover

Forest Hardcover

EUR €16.99 Thomas Ott [Writer] Published by-Fantagraphics Books

About the Forest Hardcover

The Forest is a graphic novella told via twenty-five singular illustrations, without words, as only Swiss artist Thomas Ott is capable. A young boy sneaks away from a family funeral and sinks into the forest depths, where he confronts man's greatest fear and must choose his path. Drawing with a technique called scratchboard, where a white surface is covered with a black layer and scratched away, Ott creates images out of negative space to harrowing effect. In Ott's hands, the medium becomes the perfect vessel for his eerie, horror-imbued morality tales. This gorgeous volume will be printed on heavy art paper with Pantone Black ink to best showcase every exquisite detail of Ott's virtuosic talent.

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Faq's on Forest Hardcover

The price of "Forest Hardcover" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €16.99.

The publisher of "Forest Hardcover" is Fantagraphics Books.

The genre of "Forest Hardcover" is Horror.

"Forest Hardcover" falls under the category of Hardcover Books.

The writer of "Forest Hardcover" is Thomas Ott.