Ultralazer Graphic Novel

Ultralazer Graphic Novel

EUR €14.99 Pauline Giraud [Writer] Published by-FAIRSQUARE COMICS LLC

About the Ultralazer Graphic Novel

The people of the planet Topoy live in peace, surrounded by lush nature and magical, infinite resources. But the King of Beasts, who maintains balance on this world, is in danger. His protectors, Horb and Booko, will need to set off on a long journey if they want to save their planet… On planet Topoy, everything has been peaceful for a long long time. People and magical creatures have been living in peace for generations. But danger came from space! The buzzards attacked and changed Topoy forever. Do they want the planet's natural resources? Yes. But they also want the King of Beasts, the supreme being that ties everything on this world. Enter Horb and Booko, two protectors and servants of the King. They can't let their planet plundered! Their only hope? An ancient legend: the Ultralazer! Forgotten by many, this power could unleash the power they need to save the planet. IN A NUTSHELL: An environment conscious tale about friendship in the vein of ONE PIECE and POKEMON!

Faq's on Ultralazer Graphic Novel

The price of "Ultralazer Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €14.99.

The publisher of "Ultralazer Graphic Novel" is FAIRSQUARE COMICS LLC.

The genre of "Ultralazer Graphic Novel" is Kids.

"Ultralazer Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Ultralazer Graphic Novel" is Maxence Henry. The cover artist is Maxence Henry.

The writer of "Ultralazer Graphic Novel" is Pauline Giraud.