Wahcommo Hardcover

Wahcommo Hardcover

EUR €10.00
EUR €29.99

Every generation, the bravest son of the tribe is tasked to venture north to the Lost Kingdom to retrieve a portion of the treasure their ancestors had left behind. The trials are hard and many, but this time the chosen one is a woman named Kaya. Forced to be accompanied by the male runner-up, an eager boy named Fox, the two set off on a journey filled with orcs, goblins, giants, and ghosts in a fantastic adventure that could rewrite their people's history.

Wahcommo Hardcover

FAQs on Wahcommo Hardcover

How much does "Wahcommo Hardcover" cost at Big Bang Comics?

The price of "Wahcommo Hardcover" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €10.00.

Who is the publisher of "Wahcommo Hardcover"?

The publisher of "Wahcommo Hardcover" is Magnetic Press Inc..

What is the genre of "Wahcommo Hardcover"?

The genre of "Wahcommo Hardcover" is Fantasy.

What category does "Wahcommo Hardcover" fall under?

"Wahcommo Hardcover" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Wahcommo Hardcover"?

The artist of "Wahcommo Hardcover" is Luis Nct. The cover artist is Luis Nct.

Who is the writer of "Wahcommo Hardcover"?

The writer of "Wahcommo Hardcover" is Luis Nct.