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The Comic Book Lesson

The Comic Book Lesson

USD $18.99

An aspiring young creator learns the fundamentals of visual storytelling from three comic book mentors in this charming illustrated tale—a graphic novel that teaches you how to turn your stories into comics!Acclaimed illustrator and graphic novelist Mark Crilley returns with a new approach to learning the essential elements of making comics. His easy-to-follow instruction about comic book art, design, and storytelling provides aspiring creators a one-of-a-kind how-to experience. In The Comic Book Lesson, you’ll meet Emily—an enthusiastic young comics fan who has a story she needs to tell. On her quest to turn that story into a comic book, Emily meets three helpful mentors who share their knowledge. Trudy, a high school student who works at the local comics shop, teaches Emily how to create expressive characters and how art can convey action and suspense. Madeline, a self-published manga artist, teaches Emily how to use panel composition and layout to tell a story visually and how to develop a comic from script to sketch to finished pages. Sophie, a professional graphic novelist, guides Emily through fine-tuning the details of dialogue, sequence, and pacing to lead readers through the story. Page by page, you’ll discover more about the events that drive Emily to create her comic book as her mentors teach her (and you!) about the fundamentals of visual narrative and comic book art. Each lesson builds on the previous one, guiding you through the steps of planning and creating your comic, with accompanying exercises you can try for yourself. Are you ready to start your comic book lesson today?

The Comic Book Lesson

FAQs on The Comic Book Lesson

How much does "The Comic Book Lesson" cost at Captain Blue Hen Comics?

The price of "The Comic Book Lesson" at Captain Blue Hen Comics is USD $18.99.

Who is the publisher of "The Comic Book Lesson"?

The publisher of "The Comic Book Lesson" is Clarkson Potter.

What is the genre of "The Comic Book Lesson"?

The genre of "The Comic Book Lesson" is Educational.

What category does "The Comic Book Lesson" fall under?

"The Comic Book Lesson" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

Who is the writer of "The Comic Book Lesson"?

The writer of "The Comic Book Lesson" is Mark Crilley.