Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover

Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover

USD $29.99 Ram V. [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover

Bringing a bracing cosmic-horror sensibility to the world of Aquaman, rising superstars Ram V and Christian Ward team up to put Arthur Curry through an exercise in psychological terror that could break the will of even a king!One of NYPL's Best New Comics of 2023 for AdultsWe are all haunted by our own stories…Deep in the Pacific Ocean, at the farthest possible distance from any land, sits Point Nemo: the spaceship graveyard. Since the dawn of the space race, the nations of the world have sent their crafts there on splashdown, to sink beneath the silent seas. But there is something…else at Point Nemo. A structure never made by human hands. And that structure seems to be…waking up.The crew of the experimental submarine Andromeda, powered by a mysterious black-hole drive, have been chosen to investigate this mystery. But they aren’t the only ones pursuing it. Anything of value beneath the ocean is of interest to the master pirate Black Manta… and anything that attracts Black Manta attracts Arthur Curry, his lifelong foe, the Aquaman! But heaven help them all when the doors of the mystery at Point Nemo swing wide to admit them in…Ram V (Venom, The Swamp Thing) and Christian Ward (Thor, Invisible Kingdom) team up to put Arthur Curry through an exercise in psychological terror that could break the will of even a king!Collects the complete miniseries Aquaman: Andromeda #1-3.

Faq's on Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover

The price of "Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover" at Collected Comics & Games: Haltom City is USD $29.99.

"Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover" is associated with the Aquaman brand.

The publisher of "Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover" is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover" is Superheroes.

"Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover" falls under the category of Hardcover Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover" is Christian Ward. The cover artist is Christian Ward.

The writer of "Aquaman Andromeda Hardcover" is Ram V..