Ghost Cage Graphic Novel

Ghost Cage Graphic Novel

USD $16.99 Nick Dragotta [Writer] Published by-Image Comics

About the Ghost Cage Graphic Novel

When his megacorp power plant falls under attack by terrorists, the super-scientist who revolutionized and controls all energy on Earth sends his ultimate creation (and an adequate employee) in to destroy his most monstrous secrets. Bestselling artist NICK DRAGOTTA (EAST OF WEST) and Eisner Award-winning writer CALEB GOELLNER (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures) combine their energies for a visceral thrill ride of pure comics power! Collects GHOST CAGE #1-3

Faq's on Ghost Cage Graphic Novel

The price of "Ghost Cage Graphic Novel" at Collected Comics & Games: Haltom City is USD $16.99.

"Ghost Cage Graphic Novel" is associated with the Image Comics brand.

The publisher of "Ghost Cage Graphic Novel" is Image Comics.

The genres of "Ghost Cage Graphic Novel" are Action Adventure, and Science Fiction.

"Ghost Cage Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Ghost Cage Graphic Novel" is Nick Dragotta. The cover artist is Nick Dragotta.

The writer of "Ghost Cage Graphic Novel" is Nick Dragotta.