Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters

Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters

USD $14.95
USD $29.95
Published by-Koyama Press

About the Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters

The servants confined to the virtual mind palaces of despotic dreamers have found their furies in the form of the Mindhunters: masked vigilantes who burgle brainpower. Pop and ancient culture collide in searing colour in this melange of Astro Boy and Attic tragedy.

Faq's on Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters

The price of "Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $14.95.

The publisher of "Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters" is Koyama Press.

The genre of "Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters" is Surreal.

"Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.