Stooge Pile Graphic Novel

Stooge Pile Graphic Novel

USD $14.95 Seth Scriver [Writer] Published by-Drawn & Quarterly

About the Stooge Pile Graphic Novel

(W/A) Set Scriver Seth Scriver's work is filled with lumpy men and women plucked from rural Canada: thick mustaches, plaid shirts, and winter caps exchanging non-sequiturs and one-liners. Airbrushed Garfields, packs of wild dogs, flocks of birds, and more packs of wild dogs race through Scriver's paintings and drawings. Scriver exemplifies a modern cartoon painting aesthetic, a type of fantasy world created through a stream-of-consciousness drawing style.

Faq's on Stooge Pile Graphic Novel

The price of "Stooge Pile Graphic Novel" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $14.95.

The publisher of "Stooge Pile Graphic Novel" is Drawn & Quarterly.

The genre of "Stooge Pile Graphic Novel" is Surreal.

"Stooge Pile Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The writer of "Stooge Pile Graphic Novel" is Seth Scriver.