Booger Beard Hardcover

Booger Beard Hardcover

NZD $22.06 Vicente Navarrete [Writer] Published by-Oni Press Inc.

About the Booger Beard Hardcover

(W/A/CA) Vicente Navarrete. An imaginative tale of repulsive proportions! All Mijo wants is a delicious snack to settle his rumbling panza. However, an epic sneeze forces a snot rocket like youve never seen out of his nose and onto his face. His Ma-Mee wants him to clean it off before he eats, but how can Mijo wipe off such a masterpiece? He wants to keep his beard, no matter how gross. He just needs to convince Ma-Mee as well, and show her just how handy his booger beard can be!

Faq's on Booger Beard Hardcover

The price of "Booger Beard Hardcover" at Heroes for Sale is NZD $22.06.

The publisher of "Booger Beard Hardcover" is Oni Press Inc..

The genre of "Booger Beard Hardcover" is Humor.

"Booger Beard Hardcover" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Booger Beard Hardcover" is Vicente Navarrete. The cover artist is Vicente Navarrete.

The writer of "Booger Beard Hardcover" is Vicente Navarrete.