Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel

Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel

NZD $33.96 R. Sikoryak [Writer] Published by-Drawn & Quarterly

About the Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel

R. Sikoryak is famous for taking classic comics and mashing them with famous literature as he did in Masterpiece Comics. In these uncertain times, cartoonist R. Sikoryak draws upon the power of comics and satire to frame President Trump and his controversial declarations as the words and actions of the most notable villains and antagonists in comic book history. Reimagining the most famous comic covers, Sikoryak transforms Wonder Woman into Nasty Woman; Tubby Tompkins into Trump; Black Panther into the Black Voter; the Fantastic Four into the Hombres Fantasticos and Trump into Magneto fighting the Ex-Men. In perfect Trumpian fashion, The Unquotable Trump is a 48-page treasury annual, needlessly oversized and garishly colored; a throw-back to the past when both Comics and America were Great.

Faq's on Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel

The price of "Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel" at Heroes for Sale is NZD $33.96.

The publisher of "Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel" is Drawn & Quarterly.

The genre of "Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel" is Humor.

"Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel" is R. Sikoryak. The cover artist is R. Sikoryak.

The writer of "Unquotable Trump Graphic Novel" is R. Sikoryak.