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Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel

Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel

USD $29.99

Paint the town red…blood red! Carnage, the psychotic offspring of Venom, has returned - and he plans to slaughter everyone who's ever worn a symbiote! Cletus Kasady has skirted the periphery of the Marvel Universe for months, but now he stands poised to make his grand return to New York - and he's more powerful than ever! To make matters worse, a new player is on the board, and it's not who you'd expect! Spider-Man and Venom must face down Carnage's madness, but things aren't looking good. Barely able to escape with their lives, the uneasy allies have no choice but to drag a slew of other heroes into Carnage's crosshairs. And the hard truth is that not everybody will make it out of this conflict in one piece…if they make it out at all! Collecting ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1-5. Rated T+

Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel

FAQs on Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel

How much does "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" cost at Captain Blue Hen Comics?

The price of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" at Captain Blue Hen Comics is USD $29.99.

What brand is "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" associated with?

"Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" is associated with the Spider-Man brand.

Who is the publisher of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel"?

The publisher of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" is Marvel Comics.

What is the genre of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel"?

The genre of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" is Superheroes.

What category does "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" fall under?

"Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel"?

The artist of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" is Ryan Stegman. The cover artist is Ryan Stegman.

Who is the writer of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel"?

The writer of "Absolute Carnage Graphic Novel" is Donny Cates.