Omega Men #8 November, 1983.

Omega Men #8 November, 1983.

NZD $9.95 Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Omega Men #8 November, 1983.

Across the Vega star system, hundreds of aliens rejoice for the ongoing war with the Citadel has finally ended. Families are reunited and those who have spent their lives enslaved to the Citadel are finally freed. Even on the barren wasteland of Slagg, the Omega Men take time for a brief respite. Felicity even attempts to teach Doc how to dance. The Euphorian Rhoark tells Primus that Kalista is back on their homeworld and Primus decides that it is high time to return to the world of his birth to wrest the crown from its reigning leader Alonzo Dulak.

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The price of "Omega Men #8 November, 1983." at Heroes for Sale is NZD $9.95.

"Omega Men #8 November, 1983." is associated with the DC Universe brand.

The publisher of "Omega Men #8 November, 1983." is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Omega Men #8 November, 1983." is Superheroes.

"Omega Men #8 November, 1983." falls under the category of Back Issues (Rare).

The artists of "Omega Men #8 November, 1983." are Todd Smith, and Mike Decarlo.