Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)

Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)

EUR €19.95 Sophie Bédard [Writer] Published by-Pow Pow Press

About the Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)

What can be done about the friendships that are bound to break your heart? After a year of radio silence, Ella bursts back into the lives of her former roommates, Jen and Lucie. Her intentions seem simple enough: she wants to mend fences and regain their trust. But it won’t be that easy. LONELY BOYS is a story of friendship, sisterhood and self-affirmation. It captures life at twenty-something as three young women navigate the challenges of work, sex and romantic relationships, all the while trying to hold on to the connection they share despite the hurt it carries. Winner of the Doug Wright Award!

Faq's on Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)

The price of "Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €19.95.

The publisher of "Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Pow Pow Press.

The genre of "Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Reality Based.

"Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Sophie Bédard. The cover artist is Sophie Bédard.

The writer of "Lonely Boys Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Sophie Bédard.