All-Star Squadron #7 March, 1982.

All-Star Squadron #7 March, 1982.

NZD $9.95 Roy Thomas [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

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On Monday, Dec. 22nd 1941, in Washington, D.C., the first newspaper stories appear about the JSA disbanding and joining the armed forces under their private identities. On one street, Baron Blitzkrieg and his dwarfish henchman Zwerg, incognito in trenchcoats and fedoras, encounter and exchange snappish words with U.S. Army Private Al Pratt, with neither side recognizing the other. Also unbeknownst to Pvt. Pratt, the German-American Bund has a secret HQ, reached via a sliding wall, at the end of an alley off Connecticut Avenue. Once inside, the Baron confers with his fifth-columnist underlings, who are setting up an elaborate plot to assassinate President Roosevelt with a bomb-rigged robot disguised as Winston Churchill. There are problems with this plan, but Zwerg and Blitzkreig are both satisfied that it should still work. And if it doesn't, Blitzkreig has a fallback plan and a superhuman pawn with which to carry it out.

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The artist of "All-Star Squadron #7 March, 1982." is Jerry Ordway.

The writer of "All-Star Squadron #7 March, 1982." is Roy Thomas.